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Purchase Terms

By making a web purchase(s) through our site and/or by invoice, you agree to accept these terms and conditions.


Item Terms.


ALL SALES FINAL. By accepting our invoice, you accept that your order in the notes to recipient /product description section(s) is correct, including the spelling of names and/or sayings, times and/or dates. Please text or call for invoice corrections during normal business hours.

ANY changes made after the order is paid will be charged at 5.00 per change!


Event terms.

(NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT/ FULL BALANCE DUE. PLEASE READ: Once you sign the contract (by purchasing) the deposits or full balance dues are not refundable for ANY REASON; including death and acts of god.) 


Payment. Compensation for the Event will be payable by online invoice, cashier's check, or cash. (together being the "Fee"). A 50% deposit of Fee is due on the signing of this contract. This is a required condition for the contract to proceed; if a 50% deposit of Fee is not tendered upon the signing of this contract, no further obligation for either party comes due. The remaining 50% of Fee is due immediately prior to Artist's Event, but may be made earlier. Artist must be paid in full prior to the scheduled event;  if the full Fee is not tendered prior to Artist’s immediate Event, no further obligation from Artist comes due.


Cancellation. If full payment is not made by the time immediately prior to Artist's Event, Event may be cancelled by Artist, and Host may not seek any damages. Cancellation may be made by Host up to three days prior to the time of Event, in which case Host's 50% deposit of Fee is non-refundable, but Host will not have to pay the remaining 50% of Fee. If Event is cancelled within 2 days of Event, Host must pay Artist's full Fee. Artist may cancel at any time prior to Host’s Event date, in which case Artist must refund Fee in its entirety.

Force Majeure. In the event, thee Event cannot reasonably be put on because of unpredictable occurrences such as an act of nature, government, or major illness/disability of Artist, the 50% deposit of Fee is non-refundable, but no other portion of Fee is due, and the parties may negotiate a substitute Event on the same terms as this Agreement save for the time of Event, with no further deposit of Fee due, in which case a new Agreement reflecting this will be signed by the parties. No further damages may be sought for failure to perform because of force majeure.

Please Call us at: 415.209.5899 with any questions about our terms of service.

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